Tool Review - I ♡ My Mat!

Hi everyone!
Ive been using my mat a lot lately so i thought id review it! I used it a couple of weeks ago to cover a large square board and yesterday a large square cake……I hate covering square cakes, but my mat makes it easy!
I recommend if you buy one to watch the sweetwise tutorials on you tube on how to use and season it properly. Also, I bought a large sil pin silicone rolling pin to go with it, cos I think it needs a heavy duty rolling pin to roll the fondant thin.
I keep mine in the tube it came in and its safe and sound to use next time.

The mat has sooooo many great advantages to covering large areas……

  • you dont need to use any icing sugar or cornflour for dusting.
  • You can roll out your fondant and leave it to answer the phone or take care of the kids , then come back to it later and its still covered and not dried out.
  • You can add extra fondant to the centre of already rolled out fondant if you have misjudged your amount and dont have enough.
  • There are measurements on it of how much fondant to use and where to roll out to.
  • You will use less fondant because the mat lets you roll it out so thin.
  • Just season with a little trex/shortening to make it non-stick.
    I hope this review helps! ;-)
    Heres my mat and silpin…..

Heres the fondant all rolled out……

sugar and art - perfect combination!


This sounds great, might think about getting one :)

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looks great thats the next thing on my wish list

It is a great tool Sawsen! Watch the sweetwise you tube video on the mat first if you can. Its a great tutorial xx

sugar and art - perfect combination!

Thanks for the link to the tutorial. I have The Mat….I treated myself last year. I saw it being used at Cake International and it looked fantastic….but I just can`t use it! I end up getting frustrated and just using one half. But I shall watch the tutorial and give it another chance XX

Julie Cains Cakes

That video looks great Christine! Bit worrying to hear you can’t use it though Julie… Let us know if your next try works better! Xx

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I loved my Mat when I first bought it 4 years ago. Worked like a charm. I took great care and stored properly. But it’s developed wavy wrinkles that just won’t come out, despite rolling up tightly and putting back in its tube. And fondant began to stick, wouldn’t peel off easily. I wiped the Mat gently, and reconditioned as per instructions with the smallest amount of shortening. To no avail, didn’t help. I’ve purchased other pricey decorating tools that have lasted well over 8 years with repeated use. I think any tool should last more than 4 years. 😥

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I haven’t taken to mine either Julie but I may be didn’t persevere enough! It was one of the first things I bought. A few uses and it’s lived in the cupboard for the last 2 years! Maybe I should dig it out Christine!

Mel, Yorkshire,

Some mixed views there guys……
I wouldnt cover a large surface without it, granted I have watched the tutorial like a million times and it does take a bit of practice at first. Theres a kind of knack to it…..especially peeling the fondant off it, once its on the cake.
June, ive heard you say that about your mat before and ive also heard other bad reviews saying the same thing.
I suppose its what works for the individual, everyone has their own different ways and methods.
Thanks for the replys guys………♡♡♡♡

sugar and art - perfect combination!

This is very informational review — I like it!!

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