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Sorry I have not be very active xoxoxo

I am so sorry I have not been very active lately :( …… I have a son who was in a very bad car accident and has a traumatic brain injury .. and for many years he has worn a foot brace on his left foot , but he is now learn to walk without it.. the ankle is weak so it takes a lot of therapy.. and I promised him this summer I would spend more time with him.. he gets very lonely… he has not been able to do the things he use to do so people do not come around much to visit .. He has had to learn how to do almost everything from… eat with a fork and spoon ,, speaking.. reading… just about everything.. it has been long road.. but we are seeing a light at the end of the tunnel.. I am so sorry I have missed so many of your beautiful works of art.. I will be back after the summer and I will try to visit once in a while.. I hope you understand.. Thank you so much for being my friend xoxoxo and thank you so much or sharing your beautiful work.. I am so honored to know all of you xoxoxoxo

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Bethann!! I am so happy you get to spend some time with your son – I admire you and hope he gets better soon and it really upsets me how people perceive other people’s pblms and hate the fact that no one comes around!


Oooh Bethann so sorry to hear this about your son :-(
Family is the most important thing in the world so don"t worry about the cakes you have did’nt see!
Big hug from me <3


Glad you got to spend time with your son and glad to hear that he is doing well. It is unfortunate that people seem to shy away when something traumatic happens or there is a serious illness. Most people don’t seem to know what to say or do so they stay away.

Despoina Karasavvidou

I hope everything will go the best way and your son will get better!!I am honored too,to know a woman that has such a hard mission and still is so positive and supportive to many people,you are really very strong.Waiting for your good news soon :)

Heavenly Treats by Lulu

So happy your son is finally well on the way to recovering and that you’ve managed to spend some quality time together – thinking of you and wishing you all the best xxx

Karen's Kakery

Bethann you have nothing to be sorry about xx
He’s YOUR Son, and that says everything xx
Take this healing time together, and you know we’re here when you’re ready to join us again.
In the meantime I know we all send you BOTH our heart felt best wishes and thoughts for your Son to have a safe and successful recovery xxx

Cake Decor in Cairns

Please don’t apologise. You’re a mum first, cake decorating magical artist second.

Take care and know we are thinking if you. See you after summer xoxo

JT Cakes

Bethann your son comes first not Cakesdecor or our cakes. I hope and pray that your son will recover. Take cake. Prayers on your way


I have missed you so much. Was thinking about you a couple of weeks ago and wondering if you were ok. What a sad thing to happen to your son. I’m glad he is on the road to recovery and good on you for being there for him. We will be here when you have time to stop by. Sending love and good karma to you gorgeous! XXXX


Darling Bethann…like I said I miss your cheery presence and your super gorgeous cakes but family comes first always… I am so happy to hear that things are getting better for your son. Big hugs and lots of love

Tartas Imposibles

I’m so sorry Bethann :( I hope your son will be better. Your family is the most important thing, don’t apologise :)

I send you a big hug from Spain love!! ♥♥♥ xxxxx

Noreen@ Box Hill Bespoke Cakes

Hi Bethann, Peter and i are so sorry to hear this about your son.
We have one child ,a son and know how precious he is to us.
You take care of him and yourself as that is the most important thing in life and we are sure all your good friends will always be here for you when you are able to visit CD as they will be on Facebook too.
Love to you and your family for now and see you when you are back.xxxx.
Noreen& Peter.

Sugar Sharing Socialites

Sending hugs from all of us xoxo

Sonia Parente

Children are the best thing that we can have in our lives, we therefore hope that everything goes back to being as before and you can spend with your son of wonderful moments. Good luck <3

Nancy's Fancy's Cakes & Catering (Nancy Goolsby)

You are such a caring person, and this explains one reason why, when you have a son who is in need of your time and energy. Bless you and your family, and will be sending prayers your way!