Sculpting Freddie Mercury

This isn’t really detailed enough to be a tutorial, but I thought you might find it interesting to see the steps involved in sculpting Freddie. This was the first time I had used modelling chocolate. He took about 6 hours to make and you can see him on his cake here:""
The text is a little unclear in places so here it is again:
1. Secure cake pop sticks together with florist wire to form an ‘X’
2. Cover wire with florist tape (white would have been better!)
3. Gradually cover the structure with modelling chocolate
4. Smooth and blend the chocolate, forming basic body shapes
5. Once the structure is covered insert sticks for neck and left arm, and cover
6. Add sugarpaste feet, and clothe with sugarpaste too
7. Add sugarpaste head and hands and hand paint the detailing
8. Cover polystyrene podium and secure your model to it



Great insight and wonderful model x



Life is too sweet to be bitter

Brilliant!! Thanks for sharing this tutorial – can I ask – did you have trouble trying to get your model back into the polystyrene podium – I find it really difficult sometimes as it’s pretty tough to push them in!! Many thanks again :):):)

Thanks everyone. Lulu – I made holes in the polystyrene in advance to make it a bit easier.


This is brilliant Harriet! Every picture helps…….to see how you made him is fab ♡

sugar and art - perfect combination!

Brilliant!!! Thank you so much!!! ♡

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