Ioannis - tourta.apo.spiti


Ioannis - tourta.apo.spiti

Jul 2014 521 Greece

I am 45 years old, a lucky father of twins!! Passionate with cake decorating, self-taught in sugar art, i like to try new things, to play with colors, to improve myself. Still lots to learn. It is a great honor to be a member of CakesDecor family!!

-- tourta.apo.spiti


Dora Th.

Ελα ρε Ελλαδαρα !!!!!!!!

Ioannis - tourta.apo.spiti

Γεια σου Δωροθέα…

Elli Warren

Thank you for the following Ioannis!! Following you back! Your cakes are gorgeous!! :-) x

Ioannis - tourta.apo.spiti

Thank you Elli. You are a true PRO…

SweetFantasy by Anastasia

Καλωσήρθες Ιωάννη. Εκπληκτική η δουλειά σου (είδα και την σελίδα σου στο FB)!!!!!
Σε ακολουθώ…….

Enza - Sweet-E

Gorgeous work Ioannis…new follow from me :)

Sweet ObsesShan

love your work, beautiful paintings, look forward to seeing more of your work. Have a blessed day.

CakeHeaven by Marlene

Congratulations for Cake Decorator of the Week!!! Well deserved, love your work!!!

Mila - Pure Cakes by Mila

Gorgeous cakes! Congrats on being CDOTW!!!!

Calli Creations

Congratulations on Cake Decorator of the Week… Fabulous cakes 😄

Enza - Sweet-E

Congratulations Iaonnis on Cake Decorator of the Week…well deserved <3

The Custom Piece of Cake

Congratulations on the Cake Decorator Of The Week, well deserved. Your cakes are amazing you are an artist

Znique Creations

Congratulations on decorator of the week! Well deserved xx New follow from me

Fifi's Cakes

so thrilled to see you are Cake Decorator of The Week!! :) congratulations – so well deserved! xx

Aspasia Stamou

Συγχαρητήρια ! Εξαιρετική δουλειά κάνεις !