My workspace

This is my little bit of space carved out of a spare bedroom. It’s going through a bit of a re-organization right now, but still has the same racks and table. I am very excited by the fact that a bit of an awkward alcove space is being converted into display shelves and extra storage. I have things all over the place. This will help to keep everything in fewer spaces … I hope! :)
I bake most things in my kitchen and do detail work on my work table.

My favourite part is my ribbon storage on the stainless steel racks.

These are MOST of my pans… :/

And this is my new shelving/storage area, really looking forward to getting it organized and some new designs to adorn the shelves! I apologize, it’s a pretty bad picture, the lighting in the corner shows up as a bright ball of light if it’s on while taking a photo.

So, that is my space, it makes me happy. :)
Thanks for looking. :)

Nicole ---


This is wonderful! Thank you for showing us, so colourful and agreed on the ribbon rack! Love the display area too. super! xx

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I love your display alcove, and your ribbon storage is genius :) Fantastic space x

Julie Cains Cakes

Wonderful use of all your space – and I’m another lover of your ribbon rack! Wow – all those cake tins!! X


Your space is fabulous. Love the ribbon storage! Mine are just thrown in a box. :)


Loving your space… Mine is also a converted bedroom, also undergoing changes and lighting. You’ve organised your space so well!! Fabulous work area and can see why it makes you happy and you create such goegeous creations in it xx

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Great space….loving those spare bedroom conversions…Love all your plastic bins filled and organized…

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Ooh I’m jealous of your ribbons! It’s a lovely space xx

Mel, Yorkshire,

I love your workspace! So neat and tidy and well organized!

Toni, Pennsylvania,