Im such a big fan!
Gorgeous what you make x

Lori Mahoney (Lori's Custom Cakes)

At the top of my cake crush list! Last Cake Camp in Vegas I literally bumped in to you one morning (you are tall I am very short) … .. I must have looked like a crazy woman- I was so star struck I could barely say Hi. I promise to try not to bump into you this year :) and if I do to at least utter a Hi! 😊 (I also stepped on Mike McCareys toe, I guess I only hurt the ones I love… haaa) ~ Lori the klutz


Great interview! I love your works Shannon, one cake is more gorgeous than the other one, a pleasure for our eyes!

Calli Creations

What a beautiful sincere interview. Loved reading it and some insight into the fabulous artist. Shannon, you are so incredibly talented and a beautiful person too and it reflects in your gorgeous family as well. You are unique in your work and style with the emphasis always on elegance and perfection. I was delighted to see you win the CM Awards for wedding cakes end of last year, as you absolutely deserve the accolade. I would so love to meet you one day and always incredibly inspired when I see your classy work.
Thank you for sharing your story with us. Great interview.
Ps: so right about toothpicks too 😀

Maira Liboa

Bella entrevista! Cuánta admiración siento por vos Shannon, amo tus trabajos! Felicitaciones!!!

Laly Mookken's Cakes

Such a heartwarming interview !! Just love your cakes! God bless!


I appreciated every single suggestion by this beautiful and so special mother of 6 chidren (wow!).
I just can imagine how much love she has for her family to be able to take care of it, to teach her sons and to be so talented and creative in the meantime.
I’m simply in love with her gorgeous work!

Jeanne Winslow

My sweet friend Shannon! The way you support the cake community, always helping people or just being there for those who might need an encouraging word (as you have been for me countless times) is awesome. Congratulations, beautiful lady with the magic buttercream hands :)

Sandra Smiley

It is nice to have a (beautiful) face to put with the amazing cakes I have long admired. Thanks Michal, for the chance to get to know Shannon. And thank you, Shannon, for sharing your experience and your encouragement.

ARISTOCRATICAKES - cake design by Dora Luca

great interview!! congrats Shannon xx

Pepper Posh - Carla Rodrigues

Congrats Shannon xxx

The Cookie Lab by Marta Torres

It’s so interesting to know a little bit more about you and your work. It’s always a pleasure seeing your work. Congrats.

Sweet Dreams by Heba

What a wonderful interview, that I enjoyed reading about and smiling along the way to some of your goofiness :) Congrats, Shannon <3


Congrats Shannon I love your work , you are such an inspiration to me and others. Looking forward to seeing your work in the future

Antonia Lazarova

Amazing creations by such a talented artist!
I’m a big fan of your cakes Shannon Bond! <3

Penny Sue

Fabulous interview, your cakes are always outstandly beautiful, I wish big time I had your skills?

Elli Warren

Fabulous interview!! I am a huge fan!!! You are sooo talented and your cakes are just stunning!!! :-) x

Magda's Cakes (Magda Pietkiewicz)

Congrats Shannon! It’s nice to read a little bit about you. I love your work! Love your designs!! One of my favorite artists!

Sweet Creations Cakes

amazing interview!! I am a big fan of you and your work
you are such an inspiration

Shannon Bond Cake Design

Thank you so much sweet friends! It was such an honor to be interviewed by Sharon for Cakes Decor!

Toni (White Crafty Cakes)

What a wonderful interview! So nice to get to know more about you Shannon! I am a huge fan of your amazing work, and now even more in awe of you after reading this interview. A mother of six, homeschooling, and still finding time to make such incredible cakes! Wow!!


Super! ❤️

Aurelia's Cake

Great interview! I love your fabulous creations Shannon! Congratulations!


she is so awesome

Sweet SugarCraft

Your advice about not rushing the learning curve, was really what I needed to hear right now (I always get too far ahead of myself due to excitement) and was very helpful thanks, great interview!