Royal Wings - Cake by Tartas Imposibles
WONDERLAND - Cake by Sweetcakes
Bride - my Competition work - gold medal - Cake by EmyCakeDesign
The scream - Cake by Dorothy Klerck
Jack Sprat - Cake by Stacked
Chocolate Dragon - Cake by GoshCakes
Statue of Liberty Birthday Cake - Cake by Artym
spiderman - Cake by michal katz
Heath Ledger's 'Joker' cake  - Cake by Nicola Gerrans
Ashes to Ashes - David Bowie collaboration. - Cake by Victoria Forward
Corey's Birthday Cake - Cake by Hajnalka Mayor
Aloha girl - Cake by Caking with love
Miss rio glorias - Cake by michal katz
Pablo Picasso Cake  - Cake by Cake! By Jennifer Riley
Dance of the Gods- Bharatanatyam - Cake by Savitha Alexander
Baby Groot! - Cake by Stacked
Party girl - Cake by Hajnalka Mayor
MAA DURGA -Modelling Chocolate - Cake by Purbaja B Chakraborty
annciant indian man - Cake by michal katz
Isabella - Cake by Gauri Kekre
PJ Masks birthday cake - Cake by Savitha Alexander
Make Art Not War - Cake by Van Goh Cakes
Augustus Brutus - Cake by CakeyCake
india lady - Cake by michal katz