Hi fellow cake lovers! My name is Avalon and I'm a sugar art and cake instructor. Cake is truly my passion... I believe cake is ART. Sugar is essentially on my mind NON-STOP. Imagine a little cartoon “thought bubble” over my head at all times with a CAKE in it.

You can find my online instruction by visiting https://avaloncakesschool.com/cd. You can become a member and access all my tutorials, calculators, recipes, articles and more!


Whoo hoo! Now I can follow you here! xoxo ~ Sonja

Sonja ~ xoxo

Hi I ordered and paid for the modeling compound recipe, and either didn’t get it or don’t know where to pull it up. It was around 6th of August. Thanks. Ann Whitten

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Love your work!

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Janette!! <3 Hi love!!

Avalon Cakes School of Sugar Art | Learn the ART of Cake | https://avaloncakesschool.com/cd

Thanks for the follow Avalon :) Love your work! Your cakes are amazing!!

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Thank you for follow :-) I love your work !!

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Thank you so much for all your wonderful tutorials! ♥
Love your work, Avalon! ♥♥♥

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Hi there!! Love your work! Jaw-dropping cakes!!

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