Are we ready for summer? Fondant modelling and caketopper - Cake by Tuba Geçkil
Lady and the Tramp 3D cake - Cake by Flappergasted Cakes
Fifi the Fawn Christmas Cake - Cake by Sweet Foxylicious
Life Size Tiger Cake - Bakers Unite To Fight  - Cake by Sweet Foxylicious
Saul Goodman - Cake by Natalie Sideserf
Sometimes strength comes in knowing that you are not alone @Amore - a heart for children - Cake by Pepper Posh - Carla Rodrigues
Monster of Frankenstein - Sugar Spooks 2018 - Cake by Jennifer Holst • Sugar, Cake & Chocolate •
Knitting Basket - Cake by Sugar Street Studios by Zoe Burmester
Jurassic World cake with Raptor - Cake by Michelle Chan
Hanging Redfish Cake - Cake by Sweet Elizabeth Cake Design
Spanish Imperial Eagle (Bakers Unite to Fight collab) - Cake by Tartas Imposibles
Jelly Island Cake - Cake by Paladarte El Salvador
Food cake challenge Turkish kebab - Cake by Dilek Dağlı
WitchAid Mixer Cake - SugarSpooks2015 - Cake by Sweet Foxylicious
Robot Cake - Cake by Andres Enciso
Realistic bunny - Cake by Sweet Little Treat
fruit plate  - Cake by Dilek Dağlı
Iphone Cake in Cream  - Cake by Michelle's Sweet Temptation
TERMINATOR  - Cake by Tuba Geçkil
Grey Wolf Cake - Cake by Hannah
"The Little Match Girl" for Sweet Fairy Tales Collaboration  - Cake by Azzurra Cuomo Cake Art
Italian Sugar Dream Collaboration La Pietà-Michelangelo - Cake by Fashflower's cake by Margherita Ferrara
Bruce Willis - Cake by Tartas Imposibles
Woodland Fantasy  - Cake by Daniel Guiriba