Natalie Sideserf


Natalie Sideserf

Jul 2013 18 Austin, Texas



Calli Creations

Hello lovely talented Natalie … I cannot tell you how wonderful it is to have you here on Cakes Decor so we can all see your incredible designs… <3 I really loved meeting you on the Cakenweenie Project :) xx you are an inspiration to us all :)


Hi Natalie,
you such an amazing artist.
really love all your cakes :) totally awesome!!!

joe duff

great cakes

Tal Zohar

I am a big fan!!

Mayte Parrilla

You enchant me !!!

Kate Plumcake

Fascinated by your modeling technique, I will follow you with great interest.

Angel, The Cupcake Lady

New follower! Your cakes are incredible!