Pink bottle of Moet - Cake by Louise Jackson Cake Design
Babyblue baby shower cake - Cake by Lynette Horner
Gravity-defying Wine Tasting Cake - Cake by Cakes ROCK!!!
SAPPHIRE Gin Cake - Cake by Zaklina
Fantasy Fungi - Cake by Reva Alexander-Hawk
Wine barrel - Cake by Diane
Rum - Cake by dortUM


Let's wine - Cake by Dolcidea creazioni
Half Wine Barrel Anniversary cake with isomalt bottle and glass - Cake by Scott R.
Bombay Saphire Gin  - Cake by Symphony in Sugar
Veuve Clicquot cake! - Cake by Penny Sue
Captain Morgan Spiced Rum Bottle - Cake by Enza - Sweet-E
Bottle of Moet - Cake by Louise Jackson Cake Design
Champagne Gift Bag - Cake by Alisa Seidling
Torchio e botte con vino - Wine barrel - Cake by Dolcidea creazioni
wine surprise - Cake by CoooLcakes
Magic potion bottle with owl - Cake by  Sue Deeble
Heineken Beer Cake - Cake by Nicholas Ang
Jameson Whiskey Barrel - Cake by AlwaysWithCake
Coca Cola  - Cake by Heavenly Treats by Lulu
Belvedere vodka bottle - Cake by Mania M. - CandymaniaC
whiskey bottle cake - Cake by Rabarbar_cakery
Beer Barrel Cake - Cake by Cakes By Samantha (Greece)
Cristal Champagne 21st Birthday - Cake by Cakes ROCK!!!