Fantasy Fungi

Fantasy Fungi
Fantasy Fungi Fantasy Fungi Fantasy Fungi Fantasy Fungi

Following my eccentric tendencies , I decided on a fun and fanciful cake creation for the Myths and Fantasy Collaboration. I knew I wanted something whimsical and full of color! I enjoy finding my inspirations for cake designs by looking in unique locations, and this design arrived from the Inky Doodle Coloring Book “Enchanted Forest”, by Johanna Basford. Looking for creative ideas and designs outside of the world of cake is a great way to set yourself apart from the other cakes out there, allowing you to come up with new and original ideas for cake design.
This Fantasy Fungi was created with a mixed medium approach to help to establish a sense of whimsy using different textures and techniques. The cake features fondant, modeling chocolate, and gumpaste, to create the main elements, and royal icing and isomalt to produce some of the unique details in the design.
The scene on the cake represents a fairy castle set amongst a fantasy forest, with a river from the fairy springs located at the base of the castle. Located underneath the Fantasy Fungi is Ferguson the Fairy, sitting on top of his own Mushroom, with his friend Carly Caterpillar waiting for his bottle of natural spring water to fill up from the waterfall.
Looks like he may have fallen asleep because his bottle is over flowing!

• Modeling Chocolate & Fondant trees, created with edging cutters and polka dot
makers, with royal icing and hand painted details
• Chocolate Oak Tree was created with floral wire and chocolate, and then leaves were
piped on using royal icing.
• The textures on the Fairy castle were created with a modeling tool, piped royal icing,
gumpaste and petal dusts. The cut castle pieces were dried and then layered to
achieve a 3-D effect. and the flags were created using gumpaste and floral wire.
• Sugar Amethyst is used as the stone base of the castle, created with poured sugar,
rock sugar, several petal dust and disco dust.
• The Castle is topped off by a sugar/isomalt butterfly created using a butterfly mat.
• The fondant river/spring features piped details and isomalt droplets.
• The banks of the river feature isomalt lifts to create some dimension, sugar flower
daisies, and some fantasy red & yellow poppies.
• The Ivy along the surface was created with a set of ivy leaf cutters, gumpaste and
finished with royal icing wines.
• The Trio of mini toadstools were created with a royal icing base, a fondant cap and
then piped royal dots.
• Under the main fungi there is a sculpted Modeling Chocolate Fairy, named Ferguson.
his clothes are hand painted fondant and with hat has a rock sugar detail on it to tie
into the base of the castle and he is sporting sugar wings!
• Next to Ferguson is the poured isomalt bottle with gumpaste label collecting the spring
water and some sugar geodes to match the base of the castle.
• caterpillar is made of a 50/50 mixed of fondant and gumpaste.
Reva Alexander of Merci Beaucoup Cakes Fantasy Fungi
• The base of the fungi has some gumpaste fern leaves created with a cutter and fern mold and bear grasses.
This cake would feed up to 90, the main portion of the cake was created with a 1/2 sheet cake. A rod was connected to the base board, which was a cut log, with a flange.
I love to make cakes that have lots of little design elements that allow the on-looker to discover the little gems on the cake. It is like a little treasure hunt for the eyes! I hope that each time you look at the cake you discover something new!
I hope you enjoy looking! Merci Beaucoup!



With the blue background the colors pop even more! The rocks are AHH Mazing!

Thanks Anna and Jamie! I was feeling like no one like it… :(


VEEEERY cool! You did a great job!

Amber Adamson

This is SO much fun to look at, all of the tiny discoveries the more you study! The detail is incredible!

Amanda Fayne Polley

Really? I loved yours. Seriously a lot of work and uber awesome sauce.

Amazing details! Can’t imagine how much time went into that. So talented with so many different mediums!!!