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Flowers and Lace

Colorful sugar flowers to match each of the bridesmaid’s shoes. Sugar lace to represent the bride’s dress. 12", 10"’ 8"’ and 6" tiers.

-- Carla Jo, California

Carla JO, what an amazing cake and gorgeous flowers!

-- Dina @ miettes,

Oh, Miette, that means so much coming from you. Thanks so much.

-- Carla Jo, California

Not only are the flowers gorgeous but so is the color combination! Love it!

So colourful, gorgeous. Love it

-- Sugar Petal Creations

Thanks so much everyone for you kind words. You have made my day!

-- Carla Jo, California

WOW!! Stunning cake!!
This is amazing!! Great job!! Xx

-- Laura Loukaides -

stunning, absolutely gorgeous, love it , love the flowers, colours and design ,……Perfect

-- Robin

what a gorgeous floral arrangement! the colours are stunning!!!

-- Jackie, Singapore