I have always loved flowers since I was a young girl. The beautiful varieties, colours and textures are amazing. When you combine the love of flowers and sugar you end up with amazing works of art.
My sugar art passion began when I took a course at Michael's. I attempted to make my first sugar flower and it was then that I realized how much I loved making flowers and needed to further my knowledge.
My niece Julie had asked me to make her wedding cake so I spent hours making flowers for her cake.Creating flowers made me happy and it felt so tranquil, I knew then that I needed to learn more and become more knowledgeable.
I have taken a few sugar art classes at the Bonnie Gordon College with the lovely Jenny Maw. I had the pleasure of attending a class with the amazingly talented Jacqueline Butler from Petalsweets who's work is inspirational. To this day I still look over at the floral vase we made in the class and smile. I have also attended a class with another amazing sugar artist James Rosselle. I attended a class three weeks ago with Robert Haynes who is an amazing sugar artist.

I love learning new techniques for making sugar flowers. I have alot of Alan Dunn's book with are very inspirational and extremely helpful. Alan Dunn is the master of sugar art and I really hope to take one of his classes one day.


My absolute favourite flower. Such a perfect recreation. Thank you for sharing :)

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