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Vintage Wedgewood Birthday Cake

This birthday cake was created for a very special lady and inspired by the colours of Wedgewood China. www.facebook.com/TiersTiaras

So beautiful, I love Wedgewood blue X

-- ClairellaCakes Essex UK

Really beautiful, so delicate and lovely stencilling and flowers. xx

-- Pamela - http://madewithlovebyme.wordpress.com/ www.facebook.com/PamelaMcCaffreyCakes

What a lovely cake!

Very beautiful and elegant cake!

-- Svetlana Bayankina, http://www.facebook.com/svetlana.bayankina

Oh wow!!
This has such a beautiful look to it, the blue is stunning!!
Amazing work!! Xx

-- Laura Loukaides - Instagram.com/LauraLoukaides

so pretty

-- HE is my rock and my strong tower