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Clairella Cakes

Mar 2013 1,128 Essex UK

Mum of 3, has been caking for over 5 years now. A hobby that turned into a passion that turned into a business! Very self critical, perfectionist who has loads more to learn, so will strive to learn more every day! Eat, Sleep, Cake, Repeat!

-- ClairellaCakes Essex UK



Each n every creation is stunning .. Really talented !!! Follow from me !!!

Clairella Cakes

Thank you Anu

Inga Ruby Cakes (formerly Bella Baking)

I’ve come to stalk you! xxx

Clairella Cakes

Thank you Anu & you’re scaring me Bella Baking!! LOL xx

Sweet Foxylicious

Hello lady!! So many im discovering on here xx


Beautiful as always x