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Vintage floral birthday cake

Designed and made for my youngest daughter Chloe’s 19th birthday. She chose the colours and details. The cake is decorated using a mixture of painting, piping and modelling of flowers, leaves and birds. Accents of bronze paint and gold dust were added at the end. Only the top tier is cake, rose and pistachio sponge with layers of vanilla IMBC. Chloe loved it!

-- Isabelle, UK,

Such a beautiful design <3 So pretty xx

-- Sam, Doddington,

Just beautiful :)

-- Rosie Cake-Diva

It’s beautiful, Izzy and Emilie!

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Thank you everyone, loved making this cake!

-- Isabelle, UK,

BEAUTIFUL!!!! Love it!!! Congratulations on Editor’s Choice!! Well deserved!! xxx

-- CUPCAKES & DREAMS My facebook:

Stunning! And sounds absolutely scrumptious x

-- Kate, Australia - visit me at

Love it!! :D

-- DolcePiccoloCakes

Wow Isabel, that’s so beautiful! Fabulous colours!

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