I'd do better if I made more cake....... and ate less! :)


I love the travel cake pictured above! FUN, Fun!
It’s like looking at a page in a story book! And, love the cake in your profile/sig…the polka dot cake. LOVE it!! Festive.

Thank you Candee x

Rosie Cake-Diva

Rosie can you repost your cake recipe for the spotty dot cakes? I would love to try it for the people I work for. Thanks

I’m so happy to see you as Cake Decorator of the week dear Rose. Your so talented and versatile with your designs and LOVE your wedding cake you did for Cakes International. Wonderful to meet you :)

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So well deserved Rosie!! Congrats!!

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Congrats Rosie on Decorator of the week!!!! I think your Brilliant!xx

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So Great to see you in this slot!!! :) brilliant!! xx

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A huge congrats on cake decorator of the week Rosie! I must say I am a huge fan of yours and got a little starstruck to now call you a friend. You are so talented and a beautiful person as well


Hi rosie, was just admiring your work and would be really greatful for a dotty cake tutorial xx

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