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David de Bernini (Greco Roman - An international cake challenge)

When I was little, my parents bought several encyclopedias of art history for us to use in school work (you know that before there was no Internet and that facility for this kind of things hehehe) and looking at it one day I look at this sculpture.

Above all, his facial expression caught my attention. I was totally in love with the work that Bernini did in his day, so very much; that has been almost a pending account since then doing some work inspired by it.
Represents the future King David, one of the characters of the Old Testament, in the scene in which he defeats the giant Goliath by throwing a stone with a sling.

This collaboration has allowed me to finally work on it, study it in depth, learn a lot about human anatomy and above all enjoy it!

Again, many thanks to Raquel Garcia Martinez and Maria Mercedes Gonzalez Lagarma, who have made it possible for this collaboration to come to fruition with all their dedication.

I hope you like it and that you enjoy it as much as I have done it by recreating it

-- La Tartería de Rafi

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Gabriela Doroghy

Stunning piece, dear Rafaela!!! I love it so much <3

AppoBli Belinda Lucidi




Adelina Baicu Cake Artist

Gorgeous piece 😍😍

Dmytrii Puga

Amazing piece!

Dilek Dağlı

Awesome ❤️❤️❤️

Korontini Evangelia


Raquel García

Impresionante trabajo querida, simplemente una obra de arte, felicidades!!

zahraa fayyad

Love it



Aurelia's Cake

Amazing piece !!!

Sandra Smiley

Brilliant sculpting, Rafaela! This is a magnificent work of art!

Ania - Sweet creations by Ania

Amazing ❤❤

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David de Bernini (Greco Roman - An international cake challenge)