Rafaela Carrasco (La Tartería de Rafi)


Rafaela Carrasco (La Tartería de Rafi)

Jun 2016 240 Baleares

Hello everyone! My name is Rafi.
I started making cakes for friends and family, and I ended up setting up my own creative confectionery business in Utrera, Seville.
Since working on this, I have discovered one of my biggest passions, which is to work with modeling chocolate and creating 3d cakes. I love!! Although, having a store I can not spend as much time as I would like, since I must take care of customer orders hehe.
I feel part of a large pastry family and I hope you enjoy the work I do.
Greetings from Spain!! <3 <3 <3

-- La Tartería de Rafi


Sandra Smiley

Thank you for the follow Rafi! I love your work, especially your lions for the Animal Rights Collaboration and am following you!

Verusca Walker

Very good work Rafi !!!! Well done !!! New Follower ❤


Beautiful work, you have a new follwer

Planet Cakes

Beautiful cakes Hun, new follower xx