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AT-AT Walker "Pet" Cake

This was both challenging and rewarding to do (and not forgetting the stress level too!)

Both my kids decided (last year) that they wanted a combine Star Wars and Justice League cake. I thought “Ok, easy enough. We’ll just do a mini 2 tiers with each tier representing each theme.”

“NOOOOoooOOoo Mom, we want an AT-AT. You know those walking robots in Star Wars? We want it like a pet, with a leash. And Princess Leia is holding it. And Wonder Woman sitting at the top!”

Oiiii veyy…

Both hubby and I were on the brink of giving up, as we couldnt find any flat steel bars for the legs. But in the end, we found a wielder who was willing to help and cut it to size.

I also found a great ‘tutorial’ online and the owner, Michelle (Sweet Dreams Cake App) was generous enough to email me all the rest of her progress pix. Without it, I’d be lost.

There’s a lot of detailing that goes into making an AT-AT cake, and as much as I wanted to have them all in, I had to be satisfied with this. Im happy that the kids were thrilled and overjoyed to see their ‘sugar self’ together with the cake and that it turned out looking cute after all :)

After 3 days of putting this up together, it took less than 5 minutes to see it being served away.. heeee

-- #nixkitchen

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Cool x



June ("Clarky's Cakes")



Love it! Looks awesome!

My Sweet World_Elena

Oh my!!! that is amazing! and your girls had to be thrilled!!! best wishes for their birthday♥

Kelly Stevens

Awesome job!

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Calli Creations

This is incredible!! So well done

Nikita Mahmood

Thank you everyone 🤗

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AT-AT Walker "Pet" Cake