Blackberries and exotic leaves

Blackberries and exotic leaves
Blackberries and exotic leaves

Mi último proyecto: Saliendo un poco de las típicas flores. Moras y hojas exóticas. Todo en azúcar y pintado a mano. Materiales usados: Fondant de Modelar marca Mabaker and Chef y colorantes de la misma marca.

Mi last project: blackberries and exotic flowers. All in sugar and hand painted.

Sugar Art by Sonia de la Cuadra


Hi there Sonia de la Cuadra

I think this is exquisite! Well done. You captured the leaves, berries and fine flowers beautifully, it is very realistic. Lots of work went into them I’m sure.

The choice of jug to display the sugar art was perfect too! The right colours without stealing the show.

You are very talented. Do you teach others?


So life like, Sonia!
Love them!!!


Sonia your work is amazing and I totally agree with what Tracy wrote you! Following you too to admire more of your beautiful work♥