Cake decorator in the Victoria Falls area, specialising in wedding cakes.

I love all things cake and particularly am fond of 2 tiered wedding cake designs and 3 tier wedding cakes. Have started teaching icing classes and learning how to build website online - but more specifically how to make a niche website (on cake!!! yay!) You can read my about page here if you feel like it - didn't want to repeat content :-)

I can't believe the cake decorating pictures ideas here at CakesDecor platform, it looks like some of the best cake decorators are here! I look forward to learning and interacting with fellow cake decorators. Connecting because it's important to keep up with cake trends and learn new things.


Hi Tracy, thanks a lot for your lovely comment about my Retro Inspired Cake. The tutorial is now live on the SugarEDProductions Sugar Art School. I believe you would need to subscribe.

Marlene - CakeHeaven

Thank you for your kind compliment, Tracy! No, unfortunately I do not own an airbrush. I used Wilton’s spray gold. It works quite well, but doen’t go very far, so if you need to do a whole cake, buy at least two and maybe three cans to be safe.

Sugar Sugar by SSmiley

Hi Marlene

Thank you for letting me know where to find the tutorial! :-) Do you know the cost of the subscription off hand? Thanks


Hi Sandra

I don’t have an airbrush yet either. :-(

Appreciate the tip on getting extra spray cans – it would be a nightmare to run out at a crucial moment! Thanks so much.