Sonia de la Cuadra


Sonia de la Cuadra

Mar 2015 513 Madrid



I am a chilean artist, living in spain and internationally recognized for my sugar flowers. I love making life-like flowers and try to give them realism and finesse. I am a self-taught artist and I give on line courses to people of many countries in the world.

You can join my Facebook group: Sugar Flower Tutorials with Sonia de la Cuadra, with almost 10.000 members.
Welcome and I invite you to enjoy beauty and flowers.

A huge,


-- Sugar Art by Sonia de la Cuadra



Thank you for the follow and following back to see more of your lovely designs x

Sonia de la Cuadra

Your welcome Judy. Have a good day¡¡

Despoina Karasavvidou

Hello,I am amazed by your flowers,looking forward to see more

Sonia de la Cuadra

Despoina Karasavvidou-Osuala.. yes? really? well.. I will post more in the near future.. as you can see I have been making some fondant modelling…

Despoina Karasavvidou

Yes I saw your modelling too and really you work beautiful the details,but your flowers are stunning :)

Sonia de la Cuadra

Despona Karasavvidou.. if the comment is coming with you.. its really an incentive to me.. thank you very much¡¡¡¡


Hi Sonia! Lovely to see another artist from Spain!! Lovely work soooooooo you have another follower!!

Encantadas estamos de ver otra artista de España!!!

Sreeja -The Cake Addict

Lovely works.. You have a new follower

Sonia de la Cuadra

thank you so much:
Despona Karasavvidou-Osuala, Delicut Cakes, Sreeja – The Cake Addict, Judy…


Beautiful flowers, you have a new follower

Sonia de la Cuadra

Bianca, thank you so much¡¡


Beautiful flowers,lovely works…

Antonia Lazarova

Beautiful works!


Nice to meet you, Sonia.
Your works are incredibly beautiful!
New follow from me :)

Sonia de la Cuadra

Hello Clara¡¡¡ Thank you very much. If you are interested in learning how to make real and beautifull flowers, I have some courses on line. Thanks and a big huge.