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Soccer - A Homage to Chapecó! -"Sport Cakes for Peace Collaboration".

An Honor to a team and town I know and love!

When I decided to take part of the “ Sports for peace “ collaboration, created by Elisabete Caseiro, I new exactly what sport and club I wanted to honour with cake.
A team that worked so hard to get where it got. And was ready to par taken in the South America Cup finals against Colombia, last November.
Unfortunately tragedy struck as they where flying to Colombia and 71 people died and only 6 survived: players; Alan, Jackson and Neto, a journalist, and 2 staff members.
The tragedy devastated their families, the city of Chapecó and the entire country of Brazil.
Tragedies happen all the time but what struck me the most was, the Peace, Love, Friendship and Unity that followed, uniting families, fans and nations. Creating a ripple effect of goodness.
Colombia was a fantastic host to the survivors and as an act of love kindness, respect, honour and friendship offered the trophy to the Chapecoense team as 2016 winners!!!

-- Cornucopia Cakes & Cupcakes

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Bety'Sugarland by Elisabete Caseiro

Loved that you chose to do an homage to this team Iria. <3

Catalina Anghel azúcar'arte

gorgeous piece and beautiful idea <3

sugar voyager

Wonderful piece✨

Sweet pear

Thanks for the memory of the players .Very beautiful cake!



Iria Jordan

Thank you for your wonderful comments <3

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Stephanie Mowery

love your piece

Julie Reed Cakes

Fabulous x

Sandra Smiley

Beautiful piece and the exact representation I believe Elisabete intended for the Sports for Peace collaboration!

Raquel García


Iria Jordan

Thank you, Sandra Smiley!

Mara Dragan - cakes&decorations

Amazing piece, love it!

Iria Jordan

Thank you to all!

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Soccer - A Homage to Chapecó! -"Sport Cakes for Peace Collaboration".