Venetian Carnival Collaboration - Double Mask!

Venetian Carnival Collaboration -  Double Mask!

Welcome to the “Venetian Carnival Collaboration”. I’m so honoured of being part of this international group of sugar artists, coming from 21 countries, who have come together to celebrate Carnival. Sit back and let the Italian Carnival come to you.

This is my Cookie….Is this a cat or a double mask?

For this Collaboration I chose a cat behind the mask to give us the idea that it might be a persona that hides the feelings and thoughts and can’t face and reveal to the world his identity.
My Cookie was decorated with coloured Royal Icing which was piped over a rich chocolate cookie dough. Additionally, I used edible beads and wafer paper for details.
Colors by Rainbow Dust, Progel and Lustre Dust
Thank you so much and please visit the entire collection at:

The Cookie Lab by Marta Torres


This is sensational!

Sassy Cakes and Cupcakes

I’m always speechless when I saw your work, Marta!


Amazing.. love versatile art pieces… Marta does it again! <3

;)zge / 2cute2biteMe, ,

Excellent work! And the idea with the mask is just super!

Svetlana Antonova

Excellent piece of art 👌😍😍


Stunning as always💖😍

sugar voyager