*Hi this is Özge. I studied Architecture in Istanbul & also have a masters degree on Architectural Design. Lately I’m passionate about modelling as it’s a creative edible art which uses some of my architecture skills.
My interest in sugarcraft (fondant) began in 2011, when me & my dearest friend Aslı decided to bake a birthday cake for my mother. It was a simple 2 layered cake covered in fondant with angry birds figures on top. Untill that day I had no idea about baking or world of cake decor. ;D
Later that year, made a cookie, cupcake set and/or cakes for my friends & family for free.
I am a self-taught, started learning new techniques & styles by attending live and online classes including “sharp edges”, “figure modelling”, “wedding cake”, “3D structure”, “cake pop”, “macaron”. And still keep reading almost everyday about cake-y stuff. It’s like Julia Child said; ” Find something you’re passionate about and keep tremendously interested in it.”
Encouraged by my tutors, especially Duygu Tuğcu, my family, dearest friends and my husband; I continued to work and started to enter to internationally web based & local competitions.
Still researching on different materials and mediums to express my art & use my craft to make people happy. And when a client says “aww it’s so cute to eat!”, I get the maximum joy of what i do. Hence the name comes from… ;D
*Gold Medal-Wedding Cake Design-15th International Istanbul Gastronomy Festival2017
*Gold Medal-Wedding Cake Design-CakeShowIstanbul2016
*Bronz Medal-Small Decorative Design-CakeShowIstanbul2016
*Bronz Medal-Miniature Decoration-14th International Istanbul Gastronomy Festival2016
*2nd Place-Celebration Cakes-CakeShowIstanbul2015
*3rd Place- Small Decorative Design-CakeShowIstanbul2015
Featured at;
*CakeTrend Magazine [TR] Vol1 Issue6 "Summer Issue"
*CakeCentral Magazine [USA] Vol7 Issue1“Tapestry Wedding”
*CakeCentral Magazine [USA] Vol6 Issue4“The Fashion Issue”

*Wafer Paper Flowers-various kinds-Hong Kong International Bakery Expo 2016
*Circus themed Birthday Cake-Hong Kong International Bakery Expo 2016
*Winter themed Wedding Cake-Hong Kong International Bakery Expo 2016
*Wafer Paper Bark Texture Demo-CakeShowIstanbul2017


Hey, I’m glad to have discovered your cakes and looking forward to more of yoru creations!


Hello,your cakes are very beautiful!!New follow for me :)

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Beautiful cakes! Thank you for leaving such lovely comments on few of my cakes! I am your new follower xx

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Hi Ozge! beautiful cakes!

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