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Carnival Cakers Collaboration

My cake for the Venetian Carnival collaboration is an example of the mysterious costumes that cover the wearer head to foot and leave their identity a complete mystery. My lady’s costume has an ocean theme.

She is sculpted using modeling chocolate and Fantasia fondant. Her eyes and mask are hand painted. Her outfit is crafted from fondant, gumpaste, wafer paper, gelatin, cake lace and sugar pearls.


-- Jenny, Castle Rock, CO www.facebook.com/JennysHauteCakes

Absolutely gorgeous!

-- The Cake Duchess

Jenny, I love how you incorporated lots of mediums, especially the fabric around her face and those fish. A truly beautiful Venetian Carnival lady! :)

-- Heba Elalfy ***more photos at https://www.facebook.com/sweetdreamstoyou

amazing sculpting!! love her so much and these details are stunning

-- Sweet Creations Cakes https://www.facebook.com/CreationsGateaux


-- Clara

in love with piece !! absolutely stunning !!

-- Ghada Elsehemy

Absolutely stunning💖

-- sugar voyager

Awesome work!!!

-- Catalina Anghel

Fabulous, so many gorgeous details <3

Beautiful!! 😍❤

-- Nina K, Meadowsweet Cakes UK

Amazing creation!😍

-- Sonal

Gorgeous -when I first saw this I thought it was a real face (eyes) behind that mask.

-- www.facebook.com/ahimsacustomcakes