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Meadowsweet Cakes

Apr 2014 107 North Hertfordshire, UK

Hi there cake enthusiasts! I am Nina, crazy about cake making AND decorating, owner of Meadowsweet Cakes and mum of two gorgeous boys who are constantly keeping me busy! Thanks for taking the time to look at my little cake creations.. Love each and every one of you :)

-- Nina K, Meadowsweet Cakes UK


Cake Decor in Cairns

Hi Nina! Welcome yo CD xoxo

Meadowsweet Cakes

Hellooo Naomi! I’m still finding my way here but love it already xxx

Blossom Dream Cakes - Angela Morris

Hello dear Nina, didn’t realise you were here! xx

Meadowsweet Cakes

Hello sweet Angie! I’m new to cakesdecor, thanks for finding me lol xx


Beautiful work, especially that handpainted rabbit! Looking forward to following for more x


Hi Nina!!! Wonderful cakes you make! You have a new fan!!!

Marianne: Tastefully Yours Cake Art

Hi Nina. Nice to meet you. I had to drop you a line cos you made me laugh with your comment about making Peppa and her friends cuter than they really are! She is not an attractive pig is she? X

Meadowsweet Cakes

Haha thanks for stopping by Marianne, she not the prettiest pig haha xx

Marianne: Tastefully Yours Cake Art

Thanks for your message Nina! Happy to share with all the members of Cakes Decor. It is a great site! Happy caking!

il mondo di ielle

Hi Nina! Beautiful cakes!