Sugar Skull Bakers "Elizabeth"

Sugar Skull Bakers "Elizabeth"
Sugar Skull Bakers "Elizabeth"

This is my contribution to the Sugar Skull Bakers’ 2016 collaboration for Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) – celebration to honour those who have passed before us. She is a sugar interpretation of artist John S. Huerta’s 2016 acrylic painting “Elizabeth”. Please check out his work. It’s beautiful.

At 16" tall, she was my first bust cake. Materials include rice krispie treats, ganache, modelling chocolate, sugar paste and wafer paper. Details have been painted using edible dusts and cocoa butter. A LOT of love went into her!

I am honoured to have been included amongst such talented sugar artists. This is truly a beautiful collection of work. Please visit the rest of the pieces here

Maria McDonald


Outstanding sculpture Maria, your talent is just amazing. So real looking, you’d swear it was a real person with the Day of the Dead make-up. One of my favourites from the collab.

Oh my gosh this is gorgeous

Lori's Custom Cakes

Wow!!! This is incredible!!! She’s absolutely stunning xx


She is beautiful, Maria!

Sugar Sugar by SSmiley

Just incredible, love her to death ;-)!!!!

Kate Plumcake, Lake Como, Italy -

so lifelike!

Rose of Shiny Ball Cakes & Creations