Safari and Jungle themed cupcakes

Safari and Jungle themed cupcakes
Safari and Jungle themed cupcakes

I’ve been making cakes for a couple of years now for Sofia and her family.

Sofia came into the world needing a little extra help, so the first cake I made for her was created as a ‘welcome cake’ to celebrate her leaving hospital and going home safely.

And I’m pleased to say she’s doing brilliantly now, and going from strength to strength.
She’s SO loved by her family, and I was more than happy to find myself making her 2nd birthday celebration cakes this week.
At the moment she’s really into anything with monkey’s lions and elephants and loves imitating their sounds, so her Mum Chloe knew just what the cake theme for this year should be.
I’m really looking forward to seeing what she’s interested in next year and looking forward to hopefully being asked to come up with something for her 3rd Birthday.




oooooh Karen, how very beautiful and so lovely to read of Sofia’s progress ♥

'It Always Seems Impossible Until It is Done' Nelson Mandela

Thank you so mych Sarah, Fiona and Cookie lab xx
Yes she’s moving on nicely thank goodness x



Life is too sweet to be bitter

They are so fabulous! It is nice when you get to make cakes for each of her special milestones!

Toni, Pennsylvania,

Thank you ladies.
Yes Toni your right , and I hope to be making her cakes for many years to come.
One day I’d like to make her Wedding cake too xx