Chimera - Fantastical Beasts

Chimera - Fantastical Beasts
Chimera - Fantastical Beasts Chimera - Fantastical Beasts
CHIMAERA – From Greek origins – Chimera traditionally are created from three different animals: lion, goat and serpent however in the mystical world this little hatchling has the body of a Welsh Green Dragon,which is also one of the heads, the other heads are from a Pegicorn which is already a mix of Unicorn and Pegasus and the final head comes from the Fantastical Phoenix
Notable Behaviours: At this young age of under a year they are creatures of mischief and mayhem – creating all sorts of magic shenanigan
Feeding notes: 4 leaf clover is their favourite although mention ice-cream and they will be your friend for life. As they grow so do their taste buds and they develop a taste for the extraordinary – rainbow snails, three toed salamanders, drew drenched spiders webs and the froth from the tops of a wishing wells are amongst their favourites

Jacqui Kelly


Not only is your sugar creation fantastic, so is the story that goes with it! If you get tired of sugar art you can be a writer!

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