Barney's Yellow Rose Bush

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For as long as I can remember there have always been rose bushes in my dad’s (Barney’s) garden. He worked for a while as a gardener for a group of nuns in the village where he grew up and he took what he learned and applied it to his own garden. I remember hurrying out to school as teenager and remembering at the last minute that I had to bring something to draw in art class. Nine times out of ten I would pick a rose from one of the bushes. I’m absolutely certain at least 90% of my tonal work was roses! I got to the point I could have drawn one in my sleep. I think that’s why I was so frustrated that I couldn’t actually make sugar roses properly (until now)! lol Last year I was walking my dog around the walled garden where my dad has his allotment and I noticed this gorgeous yellow rose. Beautiful as it was, it was the scent that captured me. It’s simply heavenly. So my dad bought it for me and it now boasts pride of place in the garden. It was the inspiration for this arrangement and will feature on a cake project later in the year. I know, I could have waited until then to share it with you all, but I have zero patience. lol

They’re beautiful!

-- Laura Loukaides -

Absolutely gorgeous! ! ❤

Hmmm is it my imagination or has someone been bitten by the sugar flower bug? lol Beautifully done.

Thank you Laura, Evelin, Claudia and Catherine. And you are so right Goreti. I am completely smitten. I did some peonies this weekend too, but they’re for a wedding cake next month so I resisted the temptation to share them. lol 😄 xx

Ahhhh, so pretty, and yep, sugar flowers are such a joy to work with xx

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Thanks Lori. Thanks Cali. You’re so right. It’s like therapy. Time just disappears when I’m making them. 😊 xx

WOW! So realistic and absolutely gorgeous! Well done! 😍👏🏻👍🏻

Gorgeous arrangement, Kizzy! Beautifully done! I enjoyed the back story about your dad too.

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