Sugar Rose (facing my fears) 😄

Sugar Rose (facing my fears) 😄
Sugar Rose (facing my fears) 😄
Sugar Rose (facing my fears) 😄
Sugar Rose (facing my fears) 😄

I have a confession to make. Sugar flowers scare the BEJAYSUS out of me. As a consequence I have always considered myself to be a bit of an imposter in the world of cake decorating. You see, when I started decorating cakes I had images of creating huge Peggy Porschen style cakes with countless flowers cascading down the sides. To this end I purchased some books… Then some more books… And some more until the kitchen shelf was positively groaning under the weight of them BUT try as I might (and by gusto I tried) nothing I produced looked remotely like the perfectly formed roses I had dreamt I would make. So I pretty much gave up on the endeavour and did everything in my power to avoid all design requests which included flowers. Then Craftsy came along and I noticed a little class for sale in which Nicholas Lodge (the same author of at least 3 of the books now gathering dust on the shelf) promised he could teach me (ok not me personally, but any Tom, Dick or Harry) how to construct the ULTIMATE sugar rose. So I paid my money and took a chance and FINALLY it happened. A rose I could be proud of was the result. Truth be told I’ve still to watch the entirety of the chapters which deal with foliage and arrangements, but I’ll get round to that sometime. (I have a lazy streak a mile wide lol) For the moment though, I have hope! Thanks Craftsy and Mr Lodge. Maybe someday I’ll be a ‘real’ cake decorator. 😄😁🤘🌹


Your rose is beautiful! I am a visual person as well, and learning from a video is so much easier than reading it in a book! I don’t have that Craftsy class (though I do have a ton of other classes), I just might have to get it! Great job!!

Toni, Pennsylvania,

Well I think you’re beautiful roses and Mr. Lodge will be glad with this result 😄🌹

Beautiful—now I expect to see many more from you-lol

So lovely…Great job!!..Hope to see more..

Creativity is God's gift to us. Using our creativity is our gift back to God. Clarky's Cakes 😎

Beautiful! I have a fear of flowers too! You are TOTALLY a real cake decorator and a darn good one!!!!!! 😘😘😘😘

Lori's Custom Cakes

I think you just flourished my dear, so just keep doing it! :) 🌹🌿💐


Thanks everyone. It really is a fab class Toni, I’d heartily recommend it for the in depth detail. And thanks Goreti. I’ve been bitten by the flower bug now. Next step is the peony. If I was even half as amazing as you are with floral work, I’d be very happy indeed. xx

I’m like you Kizzy sugar flowers are not my thing. I have made a couple but I don’t know how many ended up in the trash! lol your rose is gorgeous xx