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Steam Punk Fairies

I recently hosted a Steam Punk Fairy modelling course in my kitchen which was given by Vanessa Broughton of Hostess Pro from Pretoria. She flew down to Cape Town to teach us ladies and I was privileged enough to meet her and to be taught by her. These are the two little fairies I made in each class. We had so much fun doing them and I hope to be able to host another session again soon.

Each fairy was placed on a covered dummy round and built from the legs up. A face and torso mould was used and the rest of the fairy was made with our hands and round cookie cutters. I used a cake lace mat for the cogs on the side and also some cogs were hand made.

This was my first attempt at making them, but I am sure the more I make, the nicer they will become.

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sugar paste cmc dummy cakes gold ready made cake lace ball tools water pen sharp knife round cookie cutters feather mould florist wires cake lace mat steam punk fairy cogs


Sumaiya Omar - The Cake Duchess

They are adorable

Sandra Smiley

They are so cute and the class sounds like a lot of fun!

Elli Warren

Aww they are Adorable!! Brilliant modelling!! :-) x

Dora Th.

So cute !

June ("Clarky's Cakes")



So cute

jen lofthouse




CakeHeaven by Marlene

The are really cute!

Janette Bakes



Cute :o)

Enza - Sweet-E

Super sweet x


So lovely!

Shenelle Robson

Very quirky, I like!

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