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Lulubelle's Bakes

Oct 2015 843 Somerset West, South Africa

I started with my first cake decorating class at the end of January 2014. By April 2014 I had a Facebook page and website up and at the end of May 2014 I was retrenched from my property management job - I had worked at an office job for 30 years so this was quite a daunting experience to find my self without a job at the age of 51! It couldn't have happened to me at a better time as my cake decorating had started ticking over nicely in the background but from the 1st June 2014 i gave it my all and haven't looked back. I named my business after a nickname one of my aunt's used to call me when I was little: Lulubelle. "Lulubelle's Bakes" is my name now and I carry it with great pride! I have been blessed to have so many wonderful clients and they have also referred me to many of their friends and family. I also have clients in Canada, UK, Hong Kong, Thailand and Singapore. My cakes have travelled by car, bus and aeroplane to get to some of their destinations. My son, who is an animator by trade, also helps me from time to time with the more difficult toppers. Together we make a really awesome "Mom and Son" team. Entering the world of Cake decorating has certainly changed my life and I have helped change 54 ladies lives since September 2014 when I also started to teach beginner cupcake and cake decorating classes. I am in a very happy place right now and wouldn't change this path in my life for anything!

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Cakes by Nina Camberley

Thank you for the follow, your cakes are gorgeous x

Lulubelle's Bakes

Thank you Nina – and it’s a pleasure – look forward to seeing you creations :-) xx

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Love your work, Lulubelle! I’m stalkin….I mean FOLLOWING you :o)

Lulubelle's Bakes

Hi Sandra! stalking or following. – welcome and thank you!! 😊😊

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new follower…great work!

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Thank you Angel!

Iced n Frosted!

Gorgeous cakes Lulubelle! Especially the ballerina one! Following you! 😘😊

K Cakes

A beautiful collection of cakes. New follow from me.
Lizzie. xx

Lulubelle's Bakes

Thank you IcednFrosted and Kizzy’s Cakes! I’ve got my eyes on your lovely cakes too xxx Have a great evening!

The Cake Artist Mk

Hi ,thanks for the follow ,your work is fab 😊

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Thank you Ruth!


Hi Lulubelle,thanks so so much for the follow.Love your work,new follow from me now!!<3

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Thank you Lallacakes! xx


I love your work, i will follow you now

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Best wishes for your son, Lulubelle. My thoughts and prayers are with you both.