Haku - Spirited Away

Haku - Spirited Away
Haku - Spirited Away Haku - Spirited Away Haku - Spirited Away Haku - Spirited Away

Introducing Haku the dragon, the river spirit from the movie Spirited Away.

To create this piece, I wanted to give Haku the appearance of floating and splashing over the water. I used modelling wire, and rice crispie treats to build the structure and poured sugar and isomalt to create the effect of the river and splashes. I hope you like him! I had a blast making him.

On a side note… This was one of my first times properly using isomalt and I have to give a big thank you to those isomalt queens who were able to give me tips and advice on it all! You know who you are!! Thank you!!!



Amazing, fantastic, awesome Haku!!! Love this! Such loops, I LOVE this


Thats Amazing!!!!!

sugar and art - perfect combination! sugarmagic22@gmail.com

Absolutely blown Way when I saw this earlier… Superb modelling and design… Big wow from me…
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You must never limit your challenges, instead you must challenge your limits

I love that movie! And this piece is simply incredible! Wow! I keep looking at the pictures over and over again!
Makes me wish I could see the actual piece and examine it in all it’s minute detail!

Heaven in paper cups!

Absolutely amazing, I just love it x

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