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Lesson on Volcanoes

Here is an edible model of volcano that I made for my students (10-11 years). I questioned them about the parts of a volcano, then when they found all the answers, they were allowed to eat this strange volcano!
Oddly, they soon found all the answers! ^^ Of course, before eating, the volcano erupted! :)
I think and I hope my students will remember this lesson well! :D

Leçon sur les volcans
Voici une maquette comestible de volcan que j’ai réalisée pour mes élèves de CM2. Je leur ai demandé de me nommer toutes les parties pour pouvoir manger le gâteau. Bizarrement, ils ont très vite trouvé les réponses! ^^ Bien sûr, avant de le manger, le volcan est entré en éruption!
Je pense et j’espère que mes élèves se souviendront bien de cette leçon! :)

-- Au pays de Candice


June ("Clarky's Cakes")

very cool….

Calli Creations




K Cakes

Oh this brings me right back to my school days. I loved geography and geology. What a fab way to teach! xx

Au pays de Candice

Thank you! :)
A fab way to teach but calorific! ;)

Julie Cain

And I’m sure they’ll always remember the parts too. Great idea and fantastic cake x



Sugar Duckie (Maria McDonald)

Very cool!


Sooooooooooo cool to learn about volcanoes like this!!!


This is awesome! Something the children will never forget!

Au pays de Candice

Thank you every one! x

Alana Lily Chocolates & Cakes

That is a brilliant idea and so inspiring for the kids x


nice cake! you are a great teacher! Ü

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Lesson on Volcanoes