White Wedding Cake

White Wedding Cake

When my Bride Gabrielle came to me with her ideas for her cake my immediate thoughts were OMG, as many of you will know I don’t really do flowers! I was really out of my comfort zone with this one.

Gabrielle wanted to have Peonies, Avalanche Roses and Hydrangeas as these were the main flowers in her bouquet. Roses no problem, Hydrangeas – Caroline (my helper) took care of them but the Peonies, I’ve never done them before and wanted to make them with no wires in and we were limited with time. I had seen a video tutorial in my news feed recently by McGreedy Cakes and it I thought I’d give it ago.

I have to say apart from lots and lots of petals it was quite easy compared to some flowers. Caroline did all the cutting out whilst I did the shaping and attaching. We spent almost 3 days making all the flowers and I was completely pooped by the end of the week.

The piping was done before I attached the flowers (well most of it) as I was working till almost 1 in the morning of the day of collect. I finished the rest of the piping when I got up the next day as I couldn’t focus properly.

Thank you for looking
Carol xx

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