Moomin cake

Moomin cake

Just realised it’s been 4 months since I uploaded a cake, I have still been making cakes but I’ve been quiet as I’ve been through a phase of not much confidence. I’m not looking for sympathy though as I believe we all go through this so I’m thinking it’s just a stage I have to go through. I hope to build up my confidence once again and post more of my work xx


Love and happy to see your work again!
And this moomin cake is soo adorable❤️❤️❤️

greetings Daantje

So cute Laylah x

Lyn (Nanna Lyn Cakes) xx

Soooo cute !!!!!!!!! I love it !!!!!!!

Sugar Addict

Laylah he’s gorgeous!! I love your work so much and I hope you post lots more!!! its true we do lose confidence ( I do all the time!! ) but you really shouldn’t because your work is amazing and so are you!! :-) xx

Im so glad you posted this. It’s brought me right back. I only wish I had half your talent. Never doubt how inspiring your work really is. xx

Please do post more! I love your creations! This one is so adorable!

Toni, Pennsylvania,