The Fortune Tellers Gypsy Caravan

The Fortune Tellers Gypsy Caravan
The Fortune Tellers Gypsy Caravan The Fortune Tellers Gypsy Caravan The Fortune Tellers Gypsy Caravan The Fortune Tellers Gypsy Caravan

As long as I can remember Mum’s always said she’d love to own a Gypsy caravan.
Maybe that because she married a man who was one of 11 children with the surname Lee?
And don’t laugh, but my Grandmother was called Rose!! – but Lee was her married name.
In fact, although I’ve not had time to delve into it yet Mum’s always said Dad was of Gypsy descent……perhaps that explains a lot of what I’m becoming to understand about me now too.
Anyway…….much as I’d love to, I couldn’t afford to buy her a real caravan,so I thought for her 83rd this year I’d make her one that she can keep for as long as she likes.
Complete with some of the things I remember the Gypsy ladies used to peddle door to door
when I was a child, so I’ve added lace, pegs, lucky heather, a caravan and some fortune cards I’ve hand painted (I wanted to include something I’d painted, and was pleased enough with my effort to add them – the face card is ‘The Tree of Live’.
Mum loved having her cards or palm read and I always wanted my fortune read as well.
But she’d never let me , and in those days I was too young to understand anyway.
Now I can read them for myself! – strange how life turns out – maybe I’m going back to my roots?



I absolutely love this, it is so sweet. And your mother is twice as sweet with her dream to own a Gypsy caravan – love it! Wonderful birthday cake for her, I hope she had a really special day x

Sassy Cakes and Cupcakes

Thanks Anna xx
Yes, she’s having a lovely day, and we’re having a BBQ tonight, so we’ll be eating like the old Gypsy’s too….lol xx


You made your mother a lovely cake!! She might not own a real caravan but now she has one made of sugar!! How sweet of you!

Marlene - CakeHeaven

Such a lovely special cake Karen!
Love the little gypsy caravan❤️
Congratulations with your mother and have fun with your gypsy BBQ 😄😄

greetings Daantje

What a lovely cake Karen…for sure your mom will love it :)

very nice…lots of cute details….sure your Mom loved it…

Creativity is God's gift to us. Using our creativity is our gift back to God. Clarky's Cakes 😎

Oh Karen, what a fantastic cake you made for your Mom! I love all of the details, and the lovely story behind it! Happy Birthday to your Mom!

Toni, Pennsylvania,

Oooh love the story behind this beautiful cake Karen…wishing your mum a very happy birthday ❤

Great cake for your Mom!!!