"Sir" Liam and his Dragon

"Sir" Liam and his Dragon
"Sir" Liam and his Dragon "Sir" Liam and his Dragon "Sir" Liam and his Dragon

Had so much fun with this funny little dragon for cousins daughter’s 5 year old son!!! The cake was a big hit with the kids and mummies and daddies too :)
inspiration was from both a gargoyle and a cartoon. this is the result!! hhahaha!!!!

Happy Birthday Liam!!! what a fabulous knights, princesses and dragons party it was!!!
his brother is next next in a few weeks!!! Cant wait to do that one!!!

made from yummy Chocolate Torte Cake and head from styro ball inside and modelling chocolate modelling on outside. I used Cake Frame Ltd​ as my internal support. the extremities is all modelling chocolate and airbrushing. wings is sugar paste. Tummy is all cake with some additional rice crispie treats in tummy area.

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Hahaha BOYS!! Love the finger up the nostril shot lol ;). Absolutely fabulous cake Calli xx

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This is totally amazing. The airbrushing has injected him with life and I can’t get over his eyes they are so realistic x

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Oh he is such a character, fabulous airbrushing just love that picture of the birthday boy with his finger in his nose priceless xx

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Amazing job Calli!
My sons love this theme! Brilliant modelling and details and just love that last pic ♡

sugar and art - perfect combination! sugarmagic22@gmail.com

Oh Calli he is superb I love it!!!!….and what a photo!

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