Lady Skull - Sugar Skull Bakers 2014 Collaboration

I made this cake for sugar skull collaboration. This cake have 2 side.
My inspiration project came from beautiful skull lady image by Natalie Shau that i found in internet. I love modelling and handpainting so i used this both technic. One side i made this beautiful lady image into 3D and i put roses on the top and the side of cake.

The other side was handpainted with skull and butterfly images. I made monarch butterfly as the Aztecs believed in an afterlife where the dead would return as butterflies.

From the side view

Front side

Details of the lady skull

Details of Handpainted and butterfly

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fondant modelling paste floral wire & tape flower dust ball tool airbrush silicone brush rolling pin skull dia de los muertos cake double sided cake roses red yellow blue


Allways Julez

Fantastic Lin… so much detail, too. Love it! xxx

Fifi's Cakes

Wow, the artwork in this is stunning Linasari. The colours, the painting, the modelling, the whole lot. Awesome design. Have pinned with the others:


Thank you Julez and Fiona <3 <3

Znique Creations

Absolutely gorgeous!

For the love of cake (Laylah Moore)

everything about this cake is wonderful, all the details draw you in <3 <3


Amazing creation, fabulous details!! Congrats on being interviewed on Italian radio for this piece!!


This is awesome, Lin!! Love all the little details, especially the miniature!!!! And the skull pattern on the butterfly is brilliant! So much love in this!:)

Calli Creations

So in love with this incredible work of art… Pinned to the board I created for out project Sugar Skull Bakers 2014 on https://www.pinterest.com/CalliciousC/


Thank you Zelda, Laylah, Dina and Jackie <3

Karla Sweet Stories

Love it ! woooooooooooow

Sugar&Spice by NA

Great job an d details!

Sweet Rocket Queen (Simona Stabile)

Love this lady <3

Gulnaz Mitchell

I am in love with this piece! Gorgeous !


Thank you Karla, Nadine, Denis and Simona <3

Little Apple Cakes

Lin she is amazing and the details are totally awesome!

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Lady Skull - Sugar Skull Bakers 2014 Collaboration