Parkway Drive 16th Birthday Cake

Parkway Drive 16th Birthday Cake

A lovely lady contacted me in desperation asking for a 16th birthday cake for her son who loves the Australian metalcore band Parkway Drive, after being let down by another business. The chosen cake was White Chocolate Mud which I filled with a white chocolate and cream cheese ganache concoction. I was told to keep it plain with the name Parkway Drive on top of the cake in black and make the overall cake a bright green. But I found it so hard to contain myself.

I felt very old when I had no idea who Parkway Drive were, but a little research on You Tube and yep it was confirmed, I am old! I found the bands album covers and really loved some of the artwork and writing style, attempting to order a stencil of the logo but no luck so I spent a few hours one Friday night and cut a stencil out myself which if you’ve ever tried to cut around fine detail and lots and lots of cursive flourishes you will know I was cross eyed by the end of it!

The process of spraying black over my home made stencil was a tense moment as I didn’t want to ruin the cake and start all over again, but thankfully it turned out just as I wanted – dirty, gritty and rusty. I decided to add a couple of sugar paste electric guitars, dirtied up the sides of the cake with a combination of edible colours sponged on with a bit of Bacardi Rum and finished it off with a snake skin print board.

Hope you like it :)

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