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Minecraft cake

Here is the cake I made for my Minecraft-obsessed son’s 10th birthday. Although I was really dreading taking this on, in the end it wasn’t so bad. I actually found making and placing all those squares to be strangely relaxing. My son and I worked together to come up with the design. Thankfully, despite my apprehension, the cake was a success and earned the approval of my master Minecrafter and his gang of fellow Minecraft experts. Thanks for looking! :) xx

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Sweet ObsesShan

Cool cake

Mira - Mirabella Desserts

Thanks Shannon :) xx


so nice

June ("Clarky's Cakes")

great cake…..great job!!
I don’t get his mine craft obsession …but then my “little boy” is 30 now…so I’m out of the loop!! If he were 10 I’m sure I’d be right on it…hee hee….

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Mira - Mirabella Desserts

Thank you Beth, Laylah, June and Tété! :)
June, I’m with you – I am completely baffled why my kids and so many others are utterly mesmerized by this strange, pixilated game! lol


Very nice!!

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Bethann Dubey

Awesome design !! and so much work.. <3


Awesome designing! Fantastic


wow ….what a lot of work

Time for Tiffin

awesome design x

Jeanne Winslow

Love that your son was involved and he enjoyed his awesome birthday cake.


Great cake Mira x

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Minecraft cake