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I am Elizabeth "beth" Panganiban , originally from Philippines, a Health care worker and a mother of one. I am a self taught cake baker and cake decorator.i learned from reading and watching videos online. I started baking for friends when i was in Derby (UK) in 2010 , inspired by my love of cakes, my sweet tooth :) and curiosity on cake designs. I was hesitant to try fondant cakes before but because of support, encouragement and inspiration from friends and family, i became enthusiast and eager to learn more since then..,

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Your cakes are lovely too, now I’m one of your follower. Thank you

Hi Beth after seeing today’s cake of yours I just had to follow! Love your cakes! ♡

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Thanks so much for appreciating my work, cake. Decor in Cains.

Amazing work i love it

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Your cakes are so pretty — a new follow from me

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thank you for following your cakes are so gorgeous i love all of them ..elegant and stunning

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