Flower Fairy Cake

Flower Fairy Cake
Flower Fairy Cake Flower Fairy Cake Flower Fairy Cake

This cake is special for me, I made it for my wonderful and beautiful mother at her birthday. She asked me to make her a sweet table and a cake with fairies, but she didnt know the cake was going to be the fairy. That cake is my first and unic structure cake. I was a little scared because I haven´t learnt how to make an structure, but when I´m afraid I don´t do a lot of thinking and just go for it so… Lucky me it turned out well.
When I went by car to the party my mother was waiting outside, so she saw me and looked at the back of my car were the cake was. She changed her face from a nervious one (when she invites a lot of people she´s always nervious at the start) for a veeeeeeeeeeery serious one. When I went out the car she was saying with her serious face… I can´t believe it, I can´t believe it. So I turned fast to the car, I thought it broke at the route but it was ok. So I looked at her and thought she didn´t liked it, but then she just changed the talking and started saying… Amazing, it´s amazing… uuufffff I was scared!!! Ha ha but she loved this cake and didn´t wanted to cut it. But it was a birthday cake so…She was sooooo happy that night… :) :) I was so happy she was happy…. ha ha.

The cake is the Flower Fairy, she makes life and nature. She walks slow and calm, enjoying from the growing flowers around her. Were she goes flowers start to pop out from the floor and the mud. It´s a bit of a mother earth. The roots and the weeds grows covering her dress. I don´t know if I expressed all right.

Is all edible and hand-made (except for the inside structure). It was 55cm high, 60cm long and 35cm width. It weight over 11 kg. I also made the cherry marmalade with my parents, they have cherry trees, so it was all very natural. I made a cherry sponge with layers of hand made cherry marmalade and layers of dark chocolate ganache.The skirt is all dark chocolate ganache.




OMG Arantxa ….. Just Fabulous…. I can understand why your Mom was amazed…..cause it’s SOooooo Amaxing….

Creativity is God's gift to us. Using our creativity is our gift back to God. Clarky's Cakes 😎

Ha ha ha, Bobbie-Anne!!!!! Thank you!!!!!!! xxxx
June!!! Wow thank you!!!!!!! Ha ha xxxxxxxxxxx


Wow, this is absolutely stunning!!

Cake A Chance On Belinda

Thank you Belinda!!! xxxx


Ahhhhh she’s is just so magical!!! The colours are fabulous and her expression is just WOW!!! Lovelyyyyy work! Me encanta, es preciosa!!!!!!!!!!

Life is too sweet to be bitter

Delicut Cakes!!! Thank you!! Ha ha. Muchísimas gracias!!!! Me alegro mucho de que te guste!! xxxx
Thank you Jeanette!!!!! xxx


Arantxa you know how much I love this cake..fantastic ♡