Frozen Cake

Frozen Cake
Frozen Cake


Wow Nadia!!! Superb models and backdrop! Totally gorgeous xx

sugar and art - perfect combination!

That is perfection… Seen a lot of frozen cakes around but I’m telling you this is right up there at the top in design and execution… Certainly out of my top drawer and added to my Pinterest “Cakes that inspire me” wow xxx

You must never limit your challenges, instead you must challenge your limits

are you kidding me? this is fantastic

Claire North

Totally stunning! Beautiful work! Love it!! X :)

Sandra -

Love this! Love the airbrush, love the colours and love the fact that it is legal because you used toys not handmade figurines :-)

♡♡♡ Ania P. ♡♡♡

wow this is beautiful <3 <3

Dubey Cakes

one of the best frozen cakes I have seen so far! Love that you made a backdrop for it!