Thank you so much for the sweet comment you posted on my purple & gold 4 Tier Wedding cake post. I really appreciated your lovely, encouraging words and compliments =D All the best – Violet

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aaaah I’m sorry, I only see this message now! :P … I confirm my admiration for your wonderful work ^ _ ^

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Your cakes are wonderful. I specially like the way you combine colours in your designs. You’ve got a new follower.


Thank you Laura, yours is a wonderful compliment, especially when done by those who do wonderful work like yours <3

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Ciao Sonia..ti seguo ora…bellissima torte…Enza xx


Congratulations for being on daily top three!!! I love your cake!!!! I sooooooooooo cute!! So sweet!!!!! You have a new follower!!!! ;) xxxxx


Thanks Arantxa, honorable for your compliment, I saw your wonderful work ii now, I’m happy to follow you ^ _ ^

I Make Your Cake - http://www.facebook.com/Sosi.PArts

Ciao Sonia, piacere di conoscerti :) grazie per mi piace della mia Lolita Witch. Adesso ti seguo. Spero possiamo diventare amici <3 buonagiornata


Thank you for the follow …gorgeous work…following right back xoxoox