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Vintage Luggage Wedding Cake

I jumped at the chance to make another version of my popular suitcase cake that I made back in March, only this time it was to be a four tier!
The bottom tier had a navy leather effect with brown trimmings and hold buckling. The second tier brought out the sunflower yellow theme that was so prevalent in their wedding. The powder blue third tier was a nice contrast to the other colours, again having gold detailing and fine trim detail. The top tier was the popular hat box with gold clasp. All tiers were finished with edible vintage travel stickers, highlighting places the couple had travelled to. A real fun wedding cake, that I know people will have spent their time looking over and will always be remembered. Congratulations to Katharine and Oliver.

-- Samantha, The Pretty Cake Company.

Love this just as much as the last, you are so clever.

-- Roo's Little Cake Parlour

Beautiful! Well done! Faved! You have a new follower!

-- Rossella Curti - Lo Zuccherino

great job, love the details. New follow here.

-- Shannon of Sweet ObsesShan

Fantastic job on those wow!

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-- The Cake Nook

Awesome job!

-- Analaria1


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Absolutely love it. Fantastic finish.

-- gateaux de mandy

Wow, lovely work!

-- Tampa, Florida

Fantastic work… love all the latches and details! xxx

-- Julez,